Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's Teach Our Baby to Read with Brillkids Little Reader

As a mom, I always want to help my child do well in school. I believe wholeheartedly that an ability to read will help my kid excel in school. I've used Brillkids Little Reader to teach my so to read. It's a great learning software for kids and you can click here to learn more about Little Reader and get a 10% discount when you buy the learning system from Brillkids.

What I love so much about this program is the ready-made curriculum.  The daily lessons were planned and laid out for you. You can start teaching right away after you buy the program. I've used Brillkids Little Reader to teach my son to read English. Also, it's a great tool for those who want to teach your child foreign languages as well.
Little Reader is quite similar yet different from other teach reading tools. Because it's the computer software, you have options to create, edit, customize, import, and export your lessons. With traditional DVDs, you can only let you child watch the lessons then move on to the new sets of DVDs. You can never edit anything but Little Reader gives you that features. It's so worth the money as you can use it forever! No expiration date and free lifetime upgrade too!

There are 2 sessions per day. Each lesson lasts only 3-5 minutes. Little kids don't have long attention span to sit still and watch long learning stuff. The short and well planned curriculum is perfect for those who want to teach baby to read but don't know how to start.

Another thing I love about Little Reader is that it is not only teaching whole-word but phonics as well. The Pattern Phonics and Word Split lessons in the curriculum are one of the most wonderful way to introduce decoding and basic phonic awareness to your young child. Each word is color-coded and grouped in the same word family, helping the child to intuitively figure about the code of the written language.

What's more, the Little Reader software itself is FREE. You need to sign up as a member to download the free trial and the Lite version, though. Try it out and sign up as a Brillkids member today. There are ten of thousands of like-minded parents in the Brillkids forum. You will be amazed and inspired by those moms and dads whose goal are to help their children reach their fullest potentials.

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