Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stay at Home Mom Dealing with Stresses

Being a mom is not easy but becoming a stay at home mom is even more challenging. Some people may think raising children at home is a piece of cake. I used to think that way too. Oh, was I ever wrong! Dealing with  angry clients, handling manipulative co-workers, and managing a demanding boss become easy when compared to dealing with a screaming toddler.

How could a mom cope with stresses?

Take a break. Sometimes we moms forgot that we can't be perfect. We forgot that several minutes (or a few hours) away from your children will actually make us a better mom. When we are too tired, we become grumpy and our kids can feel it. Being stressed affects both the mom and the child. Give your self some breaks and you will feel better and happier. When you are relaxed, and happy, you will be ready to face whatever your little monkey throws at you. When you are away from your child, you will miss him, and he will miss you. It's so sweet to come home to hugs and kisses from your little bundles of joy.

Ask for help. Do you have anybody that can help you taking care of your kids? Moms are special but we are not Superwoman. Remember that we do need an extra hand, especially when there are ten load of laundry to take care of, dinner to fix, and errands to run. When it's too much for your to handle, ask for help! Your spouse can help, and so are your in laws. Maybe brothers, sisters, and even friends?  You can also hire a baby sitter to play with your child when you are taking care of your day to day tasks. When everything is done, you can get back to your child.

Give your self a timeout. Timeout is not only for our naughty toddlers. Mommy do need timeout too! When you are not in a mood to deal with a screaming and unreasonable child, give yourself a time out. Tell your child you need to be in your room for 15 minutes. It's okay for Mommy to get a small break. It gives you time to think, to calm down before you did something you would later regret about.

Spoil yourself sometimes.  Is there something you enjoy the most? Find sometimes to pamper yourself. If your guilty pleasure is reading romance novels, it's okay to find a time to read and enjoy yourself. Spoiling yourself does not mean spending hundred of dollars in a spa (you could do that too if you like!)You can please yourself by having your favorite sweets, having meals in your favorite restaurants or even spending couple hours away from your kids!

You can only a good mom when you are happy. A happy mom means a happy kid, and of course a happy family. A mom is a Superwoman in a sense but it does not mean you have to be perfect. Cut yourself some slacks and enjoy spending time with your kids while they are still young!

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